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American Farm Bureau Encourages FTAs (2009-10-1)

According to the American Farm Bureau’s article “Free Trade Agreements Would Boost AG Economy”, farmers in the United States are urging the Obama administration to present the Columbia Trade Promotion Agreement (CTPA) and the U.S. – Korean Free Trade Agreement (KORUS FTA) to Congress.  These agreements will allow farmers to become a competitive exporter of [...]

MAPI Video: Free Trade Agreements in Asia (2009-9-17)

MAPI has also posted a video interview with the author of the free trade agreement report, Amb. Ernest Preeg. Amb. Ernest Preeg, Senior Fellow in Trade and Productivity, discusses Free Trade Agreements in Asia putting U.S. manufactures at risk. Free Trade Agreement Webinar Looking for more trade agreement videos? Learn the results of a recent Trade Agreement [...]

MAPI: Stalled Trade Agreements Put US Exports At Disadvantage (2009-9-17)

The Manufacturers Alliance for Productivity & Innovation (MAPI) has released a new report showing that the US is losing ground by stalling on incomplete free trade agreements, especially in Korea and India. In Free Trade Agreements in Asia: U.S. Exports at Risk and Much more (PR-154) MAPI concludes that US manufactured exports are still subject [...]