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China’s Online Censorship May Soon Be Considered as a “Barrier to Trade” (2011-3-22)

From the strict controls and highly filtered content, including the famously obvious “Tianneman Square” Google search, to the blocking of hugely popular social networking sites, namely Facebook, China’s online censorship has always been viewed as an unjust and uncompromising¬†policy that is likely only to get stricter. However, the advent of social networking popularity and the [...]

22 Developing Countries Team Up to Boost South-South Trade (2009-11-25)

The International Centre for Trade & Sustainable Development reports that 22 developing countries have tentatively agreed to reduce tariffs and other trade barriers as a means to boost trade between their countries. “Trade officials report that negotiators from 22 nations on Wednesday reached an outline agreement on a new round of concessions under the Global [...]

Trade Barriers Could Hurt Economy’s Upturn says WTO (2009-10-14)

The head of the World Trade Organization has spoken out against trade barriers as a negative influence on global economic recovery. While at a meeting of the VDMA engineering industry association in Berlin, WTO Director-General Pascal Lamy warned that, although protectionism is not as high as it was in the past, it does hamper recovery [...]