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Businesses, Politicians Clash Over US-South Korea Free Trade Agreement (2011-2-8)

Since December, when President Barack Obama and South Korean President Lee Myung-bak announced that they made further progress on US-South Korea Free Trade Agreement (KORUS-FTA), the agreement has been highly debated on its way to Congress.

Best Strategies for Managing NAFTA (2010-11-5)

Given the advantages of NAFTA, companies seek to widen the advantages of reduced duty impact – but what are the best means to accomplish this goal? Our survey of 200+ firms established best practices and uncovers many interesting usage statistics.

US, South Korea to Meet to Discuss Pending Free Trade Agreement (2010-9-27)

The US and South Korea have plans to meet to further discuss the KORUS Free Trade Agreement, which has yet to be approved by Congress.

No Free Trade Agreement for US, Taiwan (2010-7-19)

The US has squashed a potential free trade agreement with Taiwan over disputes concerning US beef.

Take the NAFTA Benchmarking Survey (2010-5-21)

Please participate in a survey on how companies manage NAFTA qualification! With the results, we hope to advance industry knowledge of best practices.

EU-West Africa Trade Pact (2009-6-19)

The European Union is negotiating a trade pact with two West African regional groups and is hoping to complete the process by October 2009. The Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS), and the West African Economic and Monetary Union (UEMOA) encompass the entire West African region, with oil-rich Nigeria contributing to over half of  [...]

South Korea-EU Free Trade Agreement (2009-6-16)

According to the Korea Times, South Korea and the EU are getting closer to finalizing a free trade agreement. “Korea and the EU share the view that an early conclusion of the FTA and upgrading the Framework Agreement for Trade and Cooperation, signed by the two sides in 1996, are crucial to developing future-oriented partnership,” [...]