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New Version of Trade Planning Tool Improves Global Supply Chain Design (2010-8-11)

Trade Planner 3.0 scenario-based planning solution optimizes sourcing and distribution decisions based on total landed costs and trade regulation risk

‘End-Use Manager’ Helps Companies Reduce Trade Compliance Risks (2010-1-21)

New On-Demand Solution Enables Cross-functional Teams to Create and Manage End-Use Statements for Customers, Vendors and Employees EAST RUTHERFORD, NJ, January 20, 2010 — Management Dynamics, a leading provider of Global Trade Management solutions, today announced the release of End-Use Manager, an on-demand solution that generates end-use surveys for parties involved in any cross-border transaction. [...]

Fiesta Gas Grills Keeps on Cooking with Supply Chain Visibility (2010-1-13)

Fiesta Gas Grills, a grill manufacturer, has implemented a Supply Chain Visibility solution to support its expanded global procurement operations.