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China’s Online Censorship May Soon Be Considered as a “Barrier to Trade” (2011-3-22)

From the strict controls and highly filtered content, including the famously obvious “Tianneman Square” Google search, to the blocking of hugely popular social networking sites, namely Facebook, China’s online censorship has always been viewed as an unjust and uncompromising¬†policy that is likely only to get stricter. However, the advent of social networking popularity and the [...]

In the Works: China, S. Korea, Japan Trade Agreement (2010-2-19)

China, South Korea, and Japan are meeting to investigate the possibility of a trilateral trade agreement between the Asian economic powerhouses.

Mexico Seeks Trade Agreements with China, India (2009-9-18)

WSJ/Dow Jones Newswire reports that Mexico is seeking free trade with China and India. The entire article is below. Mexico is seeking to broaden the range of countries with which it has trade agreements to include China and India, the country’s director of economic planning, Miguel Messmacher, said Friday. Speaking at the Economist Emerging Markets [...]

Trilateral Trade Agreement: Brazil, India, S. Africa (2009-9-2)

And you thought a bilateral trade agreement was difficult to negotiate! South Africa, Brazil, and India have announced a plan to increase trade between the three nations to U$25 Billion by 2015. Currently, they have an annual trade of U$ 10 billion. The announcement was made at the 6th Annual IBSA (India Brazil, South Africa) [...]