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NAFTA: Key to NEI Success? (2010-11-23)

U.S. Commerce Secretary Gary Locke discusses the role of NAFTA in the success of the National Export Initiative during a meeting with leaders from Canada and Mexico.

No Free Trade Agreement for US, Taiwan (2010-7-19)

The US has squashed a potential free trade agreement with Taiwan over disputes concerning US beef.

Boeing Urges Progress Towards Trade Agreements (2010-5-27)

Chief executive of Boeing is urging Congress to pass languishing free trade agreements with Colombia and South Korea.

Upcoming Webinar: Capitalizing on the Direct Import Opportunity (2010-4-13)

World Trade Magazine will be presenting an upcoming webinar on direct import in the global supply chain on Tuesday, May 25th at 2:00 pm EST. Free Trade Agreements play an integral part of your direct import strategy. Although it’s not on the agenda for the webinar, there will be a Q&A session at the end [...]

‘Made in America’ rules are complex, confusing (NO KIDDING) Part 2 (2010-4-8)

In Part 2 of my “Made in America” feature, let’s take a look into the requirements for a product to be considered “Made in America.” According to an MSNBC article, the ‘rules are complex, confusing.’ No kidding!! It takes roughly 40 pages to spell out the FTC’s rules of the road for companies that want [...]

US & Singapore Review Free Trade Agreement (2010-1-7)

On December 3rd, the US and Singapore got together to hold their 5th annual free trade agreement review, covering activities, progress, & new issues.

US Seeks Free Trade Agreement with Asia-Pacific Nations (2010-1-6)

The US seeks to negotiate a trade agreement with several Asia-Pacific and South American nations, called the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement.

Obama Hopes to Pass KORUS Trade Agreement By 2010 (2009-11-20)

While visiting South Korea, President Obama announced his intention to pass the South Korea-US free trade agreement that is currently on hold, pending approval in Congress. From the New York Times, on Thursday: At a news conference in Seoul, South Korea, Mr. Obama and the president of South Korea, Lee Myung-bak, both declared their desire [...]

Possible US, Japan Free Trade Agreement (2009-10-15)

The US may be close to pursuing a free trade agreement with Japan, according to the US Ambassador to Japan. Currently they are talking about a schedule to meet to discuss the potential agreement.  Read more below from Bloomberg: President Barack Obama wants to sign a free trade pact with Japan, U.S. Ambassador to Japan [...]