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The Importance of Global Trade Content for Managing Free Trade Agreements (2012-6-12)

With the May 14th presidential proclamation putting the US-Colombia free trade agreement into force, it has never been more critical for GTM software users to understand the importance of the trade content that powers their solutions. Because FTAs specify changes in rules of origin and HS codes, it is important that organizations using global trade [...]

Presidential Trade Proclamation Signed to Implement the U.S.-Colombia Trade Agreement (2012-5-18)

On May 14, 2012, President Obama signed the presidential proclamation that put the United States-Colombia free trade agreement into force. Designed to promote the flow of certain goods and services between the countries, the free trade agreement was years in the making. According to the Office of the US Trade Representative (USTR), the tariff reductions [...]

Upcoming Trade Compliance Webinar – Oil & Gas Industry (2011-12-6)

Join World Trade 100 and Amber Road (formerly Management Dynamics, Inc.) on Thursday December 15th at 2 PM EST for a complimentary webinar, Global Trade Compliance in the Oil & Gas Industry: A Case Study with Weatherford. Global trade experts will explain the importance of automating trade compliance processes and the difficulties oil and gas [...]

U.S. & Colombia Reach Free Trade Agreement (2011-4-8)

The United States and Colombia finally inked a deal on a free trade agreement after Colombia agreed to increase the protection of their workers and union leaders. This pact is expected to increase U.S. exports to Colombia by more than $1 billion a year, and could result in the creation of thousands of American jobs. [...]

China’s Online Censorship May Soon Be Considered as a “Barrier to Trade” (2011-3-22)

From the strict controls and highly filtered content, including the famously obvious “Tianneman Square” Google search, to the blocking of hugely popular social networking sites, namely Facebook, China’s online censorship has always been viewed as an unjust and uncompromising¬†policy that is likely only to get stricter. However, the advent of social networking popularity and the [...]

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Businesses, Politicians Clash Over US-South Korea Free Trade Agreement (2011-2-8)

Since December, when President Barack Obama and South Korean President Lee Myung-bak announced that they made further progress on US-South Korea Free Trade Agreement (KORUS-FTA), the agreement has been highly debated on its way to Congress.

International Sourcing Strategies and the Influence of Trade Agreements (2010-12-14)

This post highlights the importance of doing the appropriate research and background checks of all the cost and regulatory elements BEFORE you commit buying components or finished goods from new off shore vendors.

NAFTA and Duty Recovery Saves $6 Million (2010-12-9)

An industry leading organization specializing in window covering was able to save over $6M in duty as a result of having an effective integrated trade compliance strategy and coordinating NAFTA with organizational processes.

NAFTA: Key to NEI Success? (2010-11-23)

U.S. Commerce Secretary Gary Locke discusses the role of NAFTA in the success of the National Export Initiative during a meeting with leaders from Canada and Mexico.